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Healthcare and GS1 standards

Hospitals, distributors, suppliers and public sector organisations globally are adopting GS1 standards to support the delivery of patient safety, traceability and efficiency.

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What is GS1?

GS1 is a voluntary, world-wide not-for-profit Association with Member National Organizations in 130 countries. After join together with EAN (European Article Numbering) and the UCC (Uniform Code Council) Systems the International Association of Article Numbering EAN International, had got a new name which most fully reflects current position of Association in a world business.

A new name Global Standards One (GS1) - directly tells about using single collaborative global standards by more than million companies’ members of GS1. GS1 manages the system of international multi-industrial article numbering and bar code standards, allowing identification and transmission of the information about products, services, organization, transport items and even addresses.

GS1 had developed system of numbers which guarantee unique identification of products and services. These numbers provide common language by which manufacturers, exporters, importers, wholesalers and retailers may transfer information about their products or services at the single GS1 standards. 

GS1 and article numbering organizations mission is to lead the future development of global multi -industrial system of identification and communication for products and services, based on standards globally accepted and developed according to consumers requirements.