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Healthcare and GS1 standards

Hospitals, distributors, suppliers and public sector organisations globally are adopting GS1 standards to support the delivery of patient safety, traceability and efficiency.

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The GS1 Cyprus is a member of GS1 since 1985. It manages the international codification system and issues the relevant barcodes bearing the Cypriot prefix 529. GS1 is a neutral, non-profit organisation dealing with the design and the implementation of international standards and solutions aiming at improving efficiency and transparency in supply chains. It operates under the guidance of approximately 2 million enterprises, which, through the use of the GS1 standards system, carry out more than 6 billion transactions in 150 countries on a daily basis. Through its local member organisations, GS1 is present in more than 110 countries. It is based in Brussels.

The Service, which is housed at the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) for the last 30 years, deals with the design and the implementation of international standards intended for use in the supply chain. The GS1 standards provide that products, services and all relevant information circulated efficiently and safely to the benefit of enterprises. This facilitates the cooperation between enterprises in all the stages of the supply chain with distributors, retailers, hospitals, carriers, customs offices etc. The GS1 series of products and services is being upgraded on a constant basis. The ultimate goal of the organisation is its gradual transformation into an organisation offering direct solutions and services not only to enterprises, but also to consumers. In specific, the task of GS1 Cyprus is to issue and manage the GS1 code numbers for Cypriot enterprises, to manage and promote the use of the system and to provide advisory services to enterprises in relation to the application of the GS1 standards.