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Healthcare and GS1 standards

Hospitals, distributors, suppliers and public sector organisations globally are adopting GS1 standards to support the delivery of patient safety, traceability and efficiency.

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Barcodes made easy

Welcome to GS1 Cyprus. We're here to help.

GS1 Cyprus are here to provide you with the barcodes you need to get your products on shelves. If you are new to GS1 and barcoding, you can use this page as a quick orientation guide that explains the exact steps you need to follow to get barcodes for your products and outer cases.

In order for products to be sold in supermarkets and departmental stores through the point-of-sales (POS) scanners, all products must carry GS1 (formerly known as EAN/UPC) bar code numbers. A GS1 bar code symbols need to be printed onto the product labels before these can be accepted by the retail outlets. The same applied to all products made or packed locally in Cyprus. Companies that wish to put bar code onto their products would be required to apply as a registered user of GS1 Cyprus.

What do you need to barcode a product for retail in Cyprus?

Barcode numbers are created by brand owners for their products using a GS1-issued prefix. It is from this prefix that barcode numbers are allocated to products & outer cases. Once you have a complete barcode number you can generate the matching barcode symbol

What will you need to join GS1 Cyprus for barcodes?

1. Registration

GS1 is a membership organisation. To get your barcodes, you need to be a member. This requires payment of a once-off registration fee.

View new member registration fees.

2. A barcode licence

To create barcodes, you need an exclusive range of barcode numbers for your company. This is granted by an annually renewable licence. There are different licences depending upon the size of your product range, now and into the future.

Which size licence is right for me?

GCP 7 – This is the licence for a 7 digit prefix. This prefix enables up to 100,000 barcode numbers to be generated for products and outer cases.

GCP 8 – This is the licence for a 8 digit prefix. This prefix enables up to 10,000 barcode numbers to be generated for products and outer cases.

GCP 9 – This is the most common licence for a 9 digit prefix. This prefix enables up to 1,000 barcode numbers to be generated for products and outer cases.

Note: Barcode licences cannot be subsequently exchanged or upgraded as the need arises as each licence is for a bank of specific numbers. If you run out of barcode numbers, a further license will be required at an additional annual cost.

What will you need to complete your GS1 registration?

We hereby invite you to become a registered user of GS1 Cyprus. A number of pieces of information are required to complete registration. Companies that wish to join GS1 Cyprus are requested to complete and submit the following forms.

  • Company information (name and address) – Member Application Form
  • Companies Registration Number issued by Department of the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver (D.R.C.O.R.) of the Republic of Cyprus. 
  • VAT Number (or ID number if not VAT registered)
  • Utility bill
  • Barcodes order form
  • All companies applying for the GS1 Cyprus Registered User must read the Terms and Conditions of the GS1 Cyprus Grant License Agreement and agree to abide by it. Terms and Conditions